Art Of Tea

Creating the perfect cup of tea

We recommend putting the tea into infusers (rather than directly in the pot) as the leaves can more easily be removed after the prescribed steeping time. This also preserves a bit more of the flavor if you plan to reuse them to brew yourself another cup. The Perfect Steeper TMĀ  is a perfect solution for an individual user.

It is important to have the correct brewing temperature for the specific type of tea you are brewing. With black teas, the hotter the water the better. Green teas are usually a bit more delicate and do better in water that is in the 160 to 185 degree range. Good quality water will affect the taste of the tea. Do not use tap water to brew your tea because sediments and contaminants in the water will ruin the taste of your tea. Whenever possible, use purified water processed through a distillation, oxidation process.

How to Decaffeinate Your Tea
The first pour of tea from new tea leaves contains the majority of
caffeine found in tea. Caffeine is highly water-soluble, so it is one
of the first constituents of the leaf to be extracted in the steeping process. Usually 80 percent or more of the tea's caffeine content
is released within the first 20 to 30 seconds of steeping.
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