Art Of Tea

Creating the perfect cup of tea

from other foods and should be stored away from strong smelling items: other foods, candles, incense etc. To preserve its freshness as long as possible, tea should be stored in a cool and dry place, in a container that is opaque and airtight. An airtight tin is best. Avoid glass jars, as this exposes the tea to light. Tea may be stored in a refrigerator for up to two years, but be careful what other foods are stored with the tea.

Brewing Tools
proper brewing tools (material selection; clay, glass ware or ceramic. Brewing style; Pot, glass or Gaiwan).

Brewing Time
Most people over steep tea. Each type of tea requires its own brewing time. Generally, the finer the grain, the quicker the brew time. This is because the surface area of the tea exposed to the hot water is greater. The general rule is from 30 seconds to one minute for the first brew.
And generally blacks steep longer than greens. The longer a tea
steeps, the more likely it is to become slightly astringent or "bitter"
to your taste.

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