Art Of Tea

Creating the perfect cup of tea

A perfect cup of tea adds more to our life than just something to drink. For a perfect cup (pot) of tea we recommend:

Good Company-Brewing tea is something to be shared and enjoyed together. Gather friends who truly enjoy high-grade tea leaves

Creating an inviting atmosphere-Engaging the senses by playing soothing and calming Music, burning incense, setting the right lighting and adding natural elements such as beautiful flowers.

Brew with your heart-Last, but not least, the person brewing the tea must be a tea lover who is brewing the tea with his or her heart. They must respect and focus on complimenting the tea by using a purposeful and gentle touch with everything that they are handling.

For the best quality tea drink, always use fresh tea. Tea will get
old and stale with exposure to air, light and moisture. Generally
tea that has been openedĀ  and exposed to air should be
used within three weeks. Tea is also susceptible to odors

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