Art Of Tea

Production and Brewing of the Perfect cup of Tea

  • Pu-erh - Always Fermented/Not Always Oxidized (Note: Pu-erh always undergoes a fermentation process during a lengthy storage process in caves)

  • Final Firing/Drying
    Once the tea is sufficiently dried, it is "Roasted". The Roaster usually uses bare hands to roast tea in order to feel his work. It is an extremely hot job and takes novices many years to harden their hands so that they do not feel the heat. A novice will spend 5 years mastering the 10 hand movements required to dry the tea. A master roaster can only fry 1 kilogram of high grade Longjing Tea each day.

Creating the perfect cup of tea
Creating the perfect cup of tea is a combination of many things; some emotional, some sensory and some tactical.  Below are tips for
success and a fully enjoyable tea drinking experience.

Engage the senses
Our love affair with tea starts with a sensory experience. Part of the enjoyment of drinking tea is the tone that is set when doing so.

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