Art Of Tea

Production and Brewing of the Perfect cup of Tea

  • Sorting
  • Cleaning
  • Primary Drying/Withering
    Plucking the leaf initiates the withering stage. During this stage the leaf becomes limp and loses water until it has just the right water content. The fresh leaf is spread by hand in thin layers onto trays or sections of coarse fabric called tats. It is then allowed to wither for 8 to 20 hours to remove moisture and reduce any grassy or bitter flavor.

  • Manufacturing
    Major classifications of tea are defined by the oxidation process during the manufacturing step. Each tea garden has its own secret process for manufacturing which is part of the art of producing tea. Just as a banana turns brown when exposed to oxygen, so tea changes when exposed to oxygen as well.The level of oxidation
    is one factor that determines the tea category, as follows:
    • Green - No Oxidation (0%)
    • Yellow - No Oxidation (0%)
    • White - Very Slight Oxidation (<8%)
    • Oolong - Partial Oxidation (1-99%)
    • Black - Complete Oxidation (100
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