Art Of Tea

Production and Brewing of the Perfect cup of Tea

geology, topography, climate, hydrology, soil and vegetation. The best conditions for growing tea are: a climate with a lot of cloud cover and fog, abundant rainfall and high relative humidity, even temperatures that rise and fall slowly, relatively similar conditions year round, and low wind in the lee-sides and valleys of mountains.

The Process of Making Tea
Different types of tea has different production methods. As an overview we are including some basic information here that pertains to most teas. There are essentially eight steps of production. We have provided highlights of the critical areas that contribute to the art of the tea making process:

  • Plucking
    Picking time is in early spring or prior to the rainy season.
    Picking the tea at just the right time adds to the quality of
    the final product and is specific to each type of tea.  As an example, DragonWell tea is picked when new twigs have
    just begun to grow and carry "one leaf and a bud."  To
    make one kilogram (2.2lb) of finished DragonWell tea,
    60, 000 tender leaves have to be plucked. A good tea
    picker can harvest only 2 kilograms of fresh leaves
    in 10 hour a day.
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